CCCUE's Mission Statement

The Central California CUE (CCCUE) affiliate strives to support Computer Using Educators (CUE) by advancing student opportunities through the use of innovative technology, fostering a community of learners, curating and developing leadership within the affiliate, and inspiring educators to fuse pedagogy and technology.

What is CCCUE?

Central California CUE is a regional affiliate of CUE, a California state-wide organization. To become a part of CCCUE, you must first join CUE, and then specify CCCUE as your affiliate. Become a member today!

Board Members

Michael Saunders


Alexandra Hancock

Vice President

Matthew Ketchum


Brandon Schut


Gregg Eilers

Social Media / Communications

Marshall Beyer

Membership Recognition

Rebekah Remkiewicz


Scott Nunes

Board Member

Veronica Enriquez

Board Member

Marcia Carrillo

Board Member

Janée Montelongo Waters

Board Member